I use drypoint etching and woodblock techniques to make the prints. As much as possible I work with nontoxic Akua inks. Many of the prints end up having a slightly sinister and solitary feel. I love the sensation of drawing into the printing plate with my fingers and in many of the final prints my finger prints can be seen. The print editions are short editions of 10 to 12 prints due to the fragility of the printing plate.

drypoint print
Drypoint print Deborah French


Her name is ‘Effervescence’. Like Soda…and raspberry pop. All bubbles. Exciting at first…watch out how much you have though…could make you bloated. Back to my old theme. Innocence vs evil. The insidious and all is not as it seems.

Above ‘Nasty squirrel’ and below ‘Sneaky’ Drypoint prints
Nasty Bunny drypoint print Deborah French

Nasty Bunnies

Our farmlet was overrun by half crazed little bunnies…kind of cute…but not…This series of prints was around the crazy bunnies who got too close to the road, the hay baler and my car. Suicidal…running across the road in groups. They seemed to wait for the car and play games with me on the very narrow stretch of road. Avoiding them was a dominating feature of my life for some time.

Dance Drypoint Deborah French
‘Dance’ Drypoint print
Sophie drypoint print Deborah French
‘Sophie’ Drypoint print
Pigtails Drypoint print Deborah French
‘Pigtails’ Drypoint print
Nasty Squirrel drypoint print Deborah French
‘Nasty squirrel’ Drypoint print on vintage wallpaper

Little Red

I have changed the name of this print edition many times. Initially I named her ‘Little Red’, then I changed the name to the ‘Girl in the scarf’. It sounded more grown up and mysterious than calling her after a fairy tale character. But ‘Little Red’ is my Heroine! She is so brave and sassy. The wolf didn’t stand a chance.

‘Sophie’ Altered drypoint print
‘Cupie’ Drypoint print and lace
Drypoint printmaking.


Beanie is snuggled up against the horizontal rain and wind. I made this after realising I had basically lived in my red beanie everyday all winter in the studio. It made me feel so secure and warm.

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