My Art Practice

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Initially a painter, more recently my work has been with printmaking and ceramic forms.

I have a Masters in Arts Therapy (Clinical). My dissertation focussed on the use of sculptural materials such as clay when working with clients who have experienced sexual trauma.

My own artwork centres on the shared social aspects of our existence. I use my art to record, remember and respond to significant events, places and interactions. Working in a range of media I explore themes around nostalgia, loyalty, fears, unease, narrative and memory.

I am intrigued by the association of what has gone before, how it shapes who we are now and how we navigate the intersubjective space of our shared reality. The skirmish between the past and the present provides a muddy and fertile ground for responding through art making.

Narrative is an essential aspect of my art making. Often I include overheard snippets of conversation and add them to the work to enhance the mystery of the ‘art/i/fact’ that I am creating.

Recently my work at Te Rangimarie Hospice as an Arts Therapist has led to me being interested in the ‘tidal’ areas…the transitional spaces…the liminal between spaces and how we navigate those.

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