Links to things that interest me

So many people and things inspire my art and feed my creativity. This page is a nod to influences on my work, to artist friends and the quirky random things that I just find interesting and am saving here to refer back to later. This page is ongoing and I will add in links regularly.

Donna astounds me with her commitment to her art practice, her flexibility experimenting with new media and her problem solving. I love the mystery and magical elements in her work. Click on the link above to go to her website and see her work.

The Collaboration‘ is a group of artists and small retailers who join together in a ‘pop up‘ shop 4 times a year. The whole thing is coordinated by Anna Scott and Philippa Gray. Being involved is such an affirming experience all the way from set up to minding the pop up space and the friendships and connections made. Click on the link above to find out more.

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