Vessels, containers, vases and bowls.

Examples of vessels, containers, vases bowls and platters.

All work in this section is designed for everyday use. The overlap and play between functionality and art is always intriguing.

Aroha ∞ Love

After the Christchurch Mosque shootings I turned to ceramic to try to process the events. These vases are examples from a series made as a response to those events.

A slowly evolving dinner set.

I am slowly making a dinner set for us. Eating off handmade plates is such a delicious experience. I get quite excited when a store brought plate gets broken now as it makes me get onto making a handmade replacement. The mug is just a bit of play with china paints and seeing how they work out. The writing says “Do your work don’t be stupid”. The two mugs I painted have both sold. One was brought by a mother to give to her daughter at university to encourage her to study!

Begging bowls

A while ago I made these little bowls. Somewhere…somehow I heard a story about people who carried begging bowls or gave begging bowls …I know the monks do throughout Asia. But this story was not about them. It was something to do with the giving of a begging bowl as a gift and also the having and holding it would attract what you needed or were looking for. This was not in a monetary sense. It was a point of focus and reflection. Anyway, I am enjoying making them. They are soothing and repetitive to make. I imagine a bit like crochet and knitting.

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